My Saturday

Today started off with watching some of the Winter Olympics, some Snowboarding was on apparently we were in the bronze medal position for most of the competition. But ended up outside of the medals.
Then watched the Liverpool versus Arsenal game. I never thought it would start so quickly with a goal in the first minute. Then 4 goals in the first 20 minutes. Not sure if it was as good a game as I first thought.
In the afternoon we went to horse riding. I did not take part, it was for Lisa’s Beaver Scouts who all had a great time. All the time during the horse riding I was checking the City score. 2-0 was a great result for us and hopefully is the beginning of the rest of our season.
I will have to think of more interesting things to write about, and I am still no good at writing everyday. I will try during the week, again.

On Thursday night I went along with the Kipling Cub Pack to the KC Stadium for a stadium tour. This is now my 3rd tour in as many months. However each time is different, and seeing the excitement on the kids faces is worth it every time. There is always the predictable questions of whether any players will come and visit, which they never do.
Some of the boys were so excited I thought they were going to spontaneously combust when we stepped out into the stadium itself and then had a tour of the dressing rooms. The two lads that showed us round were brilliant and kept the kids engaged. Thank you Tigers Trust and thank you to the Cubs who made it such an entertaining night for us adults present.

I am going to try harder to update this Blog.

I keep telling myself that I will be more disciplined and write in the blog everyday. So here it is I am going to be more disciplined.
This is the first day of the rest of my blogging life. Let’s see how long it lasts.
Going to Hull City later today to watch City play Spurs. I am sure we will get battered, but I will update the blog later with my thoughts on the match and maybe a picture.
Everyone still in bed, so sat watching sky sports news, god rolling news is dull. Soccer AM on soon so will turn over.
God even this blog is dull. I will have to think of something more interesting to say later.

Boris and the Beavers at the Deep


Boris and the Beaver Scouts from 2nd Kirk Ella, spent the night at The Deep in Hull. They took part in craft activities , making a T shirt and a mask, had a tour of The Deep, watched a 3D film and then slept next to the tanks. All the boys and Boris had a brilliant time. Thank you City of Hull Scout District for inviting the Beavers to you sleepover.